A few words about us

NISHAN DIAS GUNASEKERA ORGANIZATION was established in 2011. We are a non profitable organization, but we are here to serve the people who are physically handicapped, disabled and needy irrespective of race, religion, ethinicity or caste.

We have a special programme called "Wheel Chair Donation Programme". As of now we have donated many wheel chairs within Sri Lanka. Your support is very much appriciated to continue our noble venture.


Changing lives… one wheel at a time

Please help us to continue Making a Difference by making a donation to our Wheelchair Donation Programme and help the next deserving recipient to get a life changing wheelchair.
~No donation is too small !!

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Example Frame

Everyday, millions of people arround the world, struggle just getting from one place to another. crossing the street, going to school, and to do day to day activities. right now you can truly change somenones life.

Nishan Dias Gunasekara Organization, already provided so many wheelchairs to disable people around the country. There are so many people still need. Help the next deserving recipient, get a life changing wheelchair.
a gift of hope, a gift of mobility, a gift, of freedom.

All your ideas and suggestions are highly appriciated. You can send your suggestion to the Comment Box or by sending email to us.

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Featured Wheelchair Recepient

Dilshan is diagnosed with Cerebral Palsy and also suffered a stroke after birth.

Wheelchair Hope

Make a Donation

A desire to donate to save another life, improve the quality, or reduce the suffering of another person is admirable and indicates you are a very caring person. You are to be commended

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No of wheelchairs donated : 143

Special thanks to contributors for Manioc Dansala held on Wesak Full Moon Poya Day 2013

Success Stories

Unkind rail accident could not letdown Anushi with the helping hands of NDG Organization


Miss. Anushi Kaushalya Dissanayake, No. 158, Owala, Temple Road, Kiribathkumbura, met with a railway accident happened in Alawwa last year. She was seriously injured and transferred to the Kurunegala Hospital. Now her condition is almost good but cannot work due to right leg damaged. Nishan Gunasekara Organization donated a wheelchair and that is a great asset for her at this stage

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Happy New Year


Achieving a target of donating 200 wheelchairs by the end of this December 2013.